When visiting the Van Gogh Church in Etten-Leur, it also includes a visit to the Van Gogh shop. To buy a lasting memory of your visit to the place where Vincent van Gogh started his career. But also for hiking- and biking maps the Van Gogh shop is the best place to go. The Van Gogh Shop is located on the Market No. 4 in Etten-Leur,  next to the Van Gogh Church. Our range of products in the Van Gogh shop:

  • Postcards
  • Books
  • DVD’s
  • Souvenirs
  • Cycling- and walking routes


You can also visit the Van Gogh Shop for free without having a ticket to the Van Gogh Church! Check the opening hours.

Van Gogh Shop Etten-Leur - Souvenirs Museumwinkel
Van Gogh Shop Etten-Leur - Souvenirs Museumwinkel

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